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[gap size=”100px”] [accordion] [accordion_item title=”Education”]At Confuzia we have defined five fundamental pillars on which our training program is based. In fact, the convenience of promoting INCLUSION, SUSTAINABILITY, COOPERATION, CREATIVITY and SELF-MANAGEMENT in all areas of our society was the main impulse to make this exciting initiative a reality.

That is why we have designed training modules suitable for the different audiences with whom we can share such legitimate material. We have verified with satisfaction that on many occasions, from ESO children to executives of large corporations, the problem did not lie in negligence or bad intention, but simply in the ignorance that things can be done better for our planet and our environment.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Participation at key forums”]Within the subjects and concepts related to culture, social matters and sustainability that underlie the pillars of our association, we have some structural axes that serve as the basis for the development of our conferences and public lectures. Thus, thanks to the work of analysis and production of our research team, we are able to generate unique and consistent presentations supported by engaging audiovisual material to illustrate the contents.

In this way, with the necessary reference of the profile of the audience to which the paper is addressed, we create inspiring experiences that have a truly maddening impact on communities and groups.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Online lecturing”]One remarcable consequence in the field of communications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has been that applications to communicate via videoconference shot up to the top of downloads on all download platforms. But if there is a solution that has become a basic pillar to support outreach initiatives at the international level, that is Zoom, one of the most complete videoconferencing tools in the online meeting landscape.

In areas such as distance learning, it offers innumerable advantages since at the same time that you attend a videoconference you can interact with the rest of those present in the virtual room. In other words, it allows you to overcome all the limitations that distance imposes on teamwork since it allows you to exchange files in real time and even write messages. Advantages of joining to the powerful of sharing avant-garde dynamics with cutting-edge technology.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Support to unique projects”]Covering the roofs of the European main cities with native vegetation, develop a opperative 3D model of the original citadel of Machupichu or build a giant electric skateboard for efficient and sustainable industrial uses … Sometimes ideas have the intrinsic power capable of seducing us up to the point of turning all of us into its development.

From CONFUZIA we get captivated to provide the logistical and operational support that such innovative and convenient projects require meaning that we select three projects each year in which to pour our enthusiasm, resources and experience to work collaboratively. We are driven by this concept that the product of the effort of two people working in cooperation is far superior to that obtained by those same people acting separately.[gap size=”50px”][/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Consultoría”]In CONFUZIA we love the planning and delivery of a wide variety of cultural & creative spaces, including mixed-use developments, museums and galleries, performance spaces, multi-disciplinary spaces, community development and heritage sites. We deliver plans that pay close attention to what is required for long-term operating, sustainable and social success, and that include actionable road maps and evaluation metrics always in context. Always keeping in mind the sieve of the specific environment.

We gather the facts, whether quantitative or qualitative; we parse, test, and analyze them; and challenge wishful thinking. Our customized studies combine proven methodologies and objective analysis with a sensitive understanding of our partners and the context in which they operate.
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