The founding team…

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She has a solid background in the performing and musical arts. Graduated in dramatic arts by the National University Institute of Art of Buenos Aires, she has been combining the stages with her formative work as a coach and consultant. Yoga, biodance, body technique, clown, singing… the rich diversity of sources that feed her training proposal have built a powerful pedagogical mechanism.

Tireless creator and efficient communicator, Belen is at the forefront of instructional methods due to the originality and consistency of her speech in which the absolute mastery of the scene completes her proposal in both online & offline formats.

She currently develops her activities in Madrid, Helsinki and Buenos Aires when mobility limitations allow.

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Graduated cum laude in fine arts by the Complutense University, the sculptor
Jordi Díez Fernández opened his first workshop in Madrid in 1989. There, isolated for three years, he configured the sculptural concept of his work.

Figurative expression, especially the human figure, is the axis on which his work revolves to exclusively work with stainless steel, a metal that provides light and timeless expression. An expression in which the human being is configured as the principle on which to develop the most intense efforts of impulse and support in the most genuine humanistic philosophy.

He is currently immersed in sculptural projects in San Francisco, Barcelona, ​​Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom and Taiwan, where he attended as an invited artist at the A.R.T., Art Revolution Taipei 2015. He currently lives and works in Barcelona.

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His stage in the management arena provided him with a lucid approach to the lacks of conventional methods and procedures in regular companies. Graduated in business administration and MA in history of art, Luis Calderon left his confortable position as CEO in a transnational executive education company to enroll La Tabacalera project. A self-organised space in Madrid by agreement with the ministry of culture of Spain. There, carrying out communication and institutional relationships tasks, Luis got in touch with circular economy, sustainable creative industries and international cooperation.

Besides enjoying as visual artist and graphic designer, Luis also travels to share and lecturing about modern social and cultural organisational methodologies with the solid conviction that through knowledge things can always be done a little better.

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… thanks to the incredible support of

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Patricia C. Barroso
Private Projects
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Paula Hoechberg
Public Affairs
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Eva Kurly
Social Programs
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Pablo Gomez
Music Advisor
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